advanced Marketing Services FOr luxury real estate listing brokers


Marketing Campaign Elements and strategy

Ad Creative

  • Print ads for lifestyle magazine campaigns will be created by the OA team at OA teams expense.

  • Social Media / Online digital ads for global targeting campaigns, will be created by the OA team at OA teams expense.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Full review of the current agents and/or property website (if any) backend to confirm site has proper SEO coding, and registrations with all search engines. 

  • Research with keyword and key-phrase data entries to the backend for showing in search results on Google / YouTube when people are searching for 'your area' real estate related searches.

  • Higher traffic and visibility within ZILLOW property profile, driven through strategic advertising and targeting campaigns.

Online Advertising, Promoting, and Demographic Targeting Campaigns

  • Two ongoing ads throughout the six-month marketing campaign of the property, drawing traffic to the website and agent point of contact. You will be able to see the results and how many people globally are seeing the ads, and what their demographic is. Example, we will be running ads and targeting specific countries, ages, and people who have been clicking on online articles and sites related to your area or type of property and issuing you this report monthly.

  • All online campaigns will be paid and executed by the OA team through various platforms and the OA international real estate website with now over 100,000 monthly impressions, in multiple languages. 

  • Online marketing for the property will include trackable global campaigns in to a guaranteed tens of thousands of people, within the largest real estate marketing social media platforms of Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These campaigns will also include WeChat and WhatsApp.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing campaign to the private O.A. database of wealthy Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) clientele, and an exclusive TOP 10% broker database of 250,000+

Global Lifestyle Campaigns - Luxury Lifestyle Magazines and Print Media

  • duPont REGISTRY / ROBB Report 

  • Global Print Magazine and Website Campaigns in various organizations

  • 50+ Country Print Distribution 

  • Celebrity & Professional Athlete Distribution

  • Wealthy International UHNW Clientele Database

Video Content / Viral Video Marketing

Google owns YouTube, which can increase the Google search results through video content uploaded to YouTube. Video media out of all other online media is most important to branding and SEO.

1.]  The filming, production, directing, editing, and launch of a 'Lifestyle' video for the listed property or development.

2.] OA will then begin the global Google and YouTube campaigns, which will make the video go viral with an estimated tens of thousands of views throughout a six-month marketing agreement. Benchmarks to be hit each month but not limited to, are as follows:

  • 0-30 DAYS: 15,000+  View Count

  • 30-60 DAYS:  30,000+ View Count

  • 60-90 DAYS:   50,000+ View Count

  • 90-120 DAYS:  100,000+ View Count

  • 120-180 DAYS:  200,000+ View Count

30-DAY View Count:  102.8k Views

30-DAY View Count:  89.7k Views

3.]  This will not only draw massive traffic back to the property / development and listing agent or firm, but it will make the project show on first page of Google / YouTube video results for anyone searching for this 'area' related real estate.